Friday, January 22, 2016

Fr. Cliff Ermatinger 'Angelology' February 5th 2016

Update: Here are Mark Andres, Fr. Ermatinger, and Shawn McGovern after the event.

Because the first Friday of January was New Year’s Day, our first monthly First Friday Mass and Meeting the new year is February 5th.

Mass will be celebrated at 7:30 A.M. in the Chapel of St. Edmund Campion, located on the 4th floor of Eckstein Hall (Marquette University Law School). Mass will be followed by our meeting and discussion from 8:00-9:00 A.M., which includes a continental breakfast (suggested donation $4.00). Parking is available in the Eckstein Hall underground parking structure. (Enter the lot, pull a ticket, and find an open parking space. Once parked, take the elevator to main floor, which opens to the foyer, and go to the welcome desk to get your parking ticket validated.)

Our speaker will be Fr. Cliff Ermatinger, Pastor of St. Anthony Parish and brother to our own Chapter Secretary, the Hon. Beth Hanan. Fr. Ermatinger was born in Chicago. He has a BA from Gonzaga University in philosophy, a Classical Humanities degree from Salamanca, Spain, a PH. L. and STL from Regina Apostolorum Pontifical University and has also studied spirituality at the Teresianum – both in Rome. He was ordained a priest on Christmas Eve of 1997.

Fr. Cliff has worked as a formator of future priests, spiritual director and retreat master in the US, Germany, Hungary, Mexico, Ireland, and Italy. For the last three and a half years he has been pastor of St. Anthony Parish in Milwaukee which has the largest Catholic school in the US. He speaks Spanish, German, Italian, some Hungarian, and a little English he learned as a child…
Fr. Cliff has published 5 books:
Common Nonsense – 25 Fallacies about Life… Refuted
101 Questions on Prayer Answered by St. Augustine
Letters from the Desert
Following the Footsteps of the Invisible – the Complete Works of Diadochus of Photike
Spouse and Victim: The Spiritual Itinerary of Grace in the Life of St. Therese of Lisieux
Fr. Cliff’s Presentation:
He is working on a book about Angelology, discernment of spirits in the tradition of the early Church Fathers. Based upon his current work he will discuss with us the creation, nature, function, test and order of angels. Come with your questions!

Fr. Cliff has also offered to say Mass for us and give our dedicated Chaplains a day off.