Saturday, February 23, 2019

Annual Meeting, February 26th 2019

Our Annual Meeting is preceded by Mass at 6:00 p.m. at Old St. Mary’s Church on the corner of Kilbourn and Broadway in downtown Milwaukee.

The Annual Meeting will follow at Flannery’s Bar & Restaurant, 425 East Wells Street.

Written notice of the Annual Meeting, Slate of Candidates, and Proposed Agenda, will be sent to current members along with the registration form and information about payment of dues.

The dues paid by the members serve many important purposes. As a non­profit organization run entirely through the volunteer efforts of our Board of Governors and others, we have very low overhead. The Society uses the dues to provide, among other things: (1) funds to pay for major events, including the Annual Mass & Meeting, for those amounts not fully recovered through the price paid by attendees; (2) community-orientated programs, such as our very-successful Youth Law Day program; (3) our First Friday events; and (4) further donations to the Bishop Perry Scholarship Fund.

Please know that your decision to pay dues is completely voluntary. Whether you choose to support the Society by paying the modest dues or not, your presence at our monthly First Friday liturgies, and your attendance at the Red Mass and other events, is just as important.

See our Calendar for a complete listing of upcoming events.