Faithful Servant Award

The Faithful Servant Award is given to recognize a person who, in the course of religious,
legal, community, public or human services, has exemplified in outstanding
fashion the commitments and steadfast dedication of Thomas More, first to
Almighty God, and to family life, statesmanship, and the law.

2016 Dr. Mary Meehan, President Emerita of Alverno College
2015 Joseph Kearney, Dean, Marquette University Law School
2014 James M. Brennan
2013 Honorable Janine P. Geske
2012 Honorable Diane S. Sykes
2011 (no award was granted)
2010 Thomas L. Shriner, Jr.
2009 Thomas E. Mountin
2008 Christopher Wolfe, Ph.D.
2007 Bishop Joseph N. Perry
2006 Dan Meehan
2005 Donald J. Schuenke (posthumously)
2004 Margaret A. Farrow
2003 Dean Howard Eisenberg (posthumously)
2002 Brother Bob Smith
2001 Joseph Tierney, Jr. (posthumously)
2000 (no award was granted)
1999 Ronald L. Wallenfang
1998 Fr. John Raynor, S.J.
1997 Honorable Rudolph Randa
1996 James Cameron
1995 (no award was granted)
1994 (no award was granted)
1993 (no award was granted)
1992 Fr. Dennis C. Klemme
1991 E. Michael McCann
1990 Thomas A. Bailey
1989 Police Chief Robert J. Ziarnik
1988 Donald & Marjorie Steinmetz
1987 Theodore J. Hodan
1986 Anthony P. Uebelher
1985 (Dean) Robert Boden (posthumously)
1984 Honorable Leo B. Hanley
1983 Charles A. O'Neill
1982 Archbishop William Edward Cousins
1981 (no award was granted)
1980 Patricia C. Crowley
1979 Honorable Francis X. Swietlik
1978 Carol DeMasters, Maria Hern, Harry G. John, Betty J. Thompson, Congressman
Clement J. Zablocki
1977 (no award was granted)
1976 (no award was granted)
1975 State Representative Joanne Duren (inaugural year of the award)

As indicated above, no award was granted in 2011, 2000, 1995, 1994, 1993, 1981, 1977,
or 1976.