Consistent with the canon law and official teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, the purposes of the Society are:

(1) To foster in its members and in lawyers generally the high standards of ethics and professional responsibility exemplified by its patron, St. Thomas More (born February 6, 1478, martyred, July 6, 1535), who as a servant of God, family man, lawyer, statesman and public servant showed lawyers and lay people how rightly to order their lives.

(2) To inculcate in its members and in the public generally a deeper understanding of their dependence upon Almighty God as the source of human rights.

(3) To promote the study and application of theology, philosophy and jurisprudence to the end that the system of law may better apply eternal truths to the solution of everyday legal problems.

(4) To sponsor the annual Lawyers' Red Mass and First Friday Masses throughout the year and otherwise to invoke God's blessing upon the legal profession and persons in government.

(5) To promote the spiritual and moral welfare of its members.