Guest House Ministry

Since 1984 individual members of the St. Thomas More Lawyers Society have been supplying food for the residents at Guest House in Milwaukee. Each Saturday one of our members (usually with help from family members) prepares about 100 sandwiches (stored in individual plastic bags), adds in 100 treats of some kind, along with 100 pieces of fruit, and delivers the food in shopping bags to Guest House at 1216 North 13th Street in downtown Milwaukee. Some of the sandwiches are served for the Saturday night dinner at Guest House; others are given to members of the homeless community who are in need of food. We currently have 56 members or friends signed up to make sandwiches, so each person’s turn comes up every thirteen months or so.

Guest House was founded in 1982 by a group of Milwaukee churches which saw the problems that the homeless were encountering in Milwaukee. The original idea was to create a “drop in” center for homeless men. The Guest House almost from the beginning has functioned as an emergency shelter for men needing housing. However, the Guest House also provides education, training, case management and treatment to attempt to eliminate the causes of homelessness in its residents.

The program at Guest House is designed to transition the men from a communal situation in which 60 men live in a dormitory, into a twenty-four bed facility with more independence and responsibility for the residents, into a fourteen bed facility that comes as close to living on the outside as they can while still remaining at the Guest House. The goal is to have the men obtain life skills, job training, and employment so that they can move out and reclaim their status as members of the community. Residents often stay for as long as a year while they deal with their situations; however, there are no permanent residents of Guest house.

If you would like to participate in this ministry, please contact the Program Coordinator, Brian C. Tokarz, Meissner Tierney Fisher Nichols S.C.

Office address:
111 East Kilbourn Avenue, 19th Floor
Milwaukee, WI 53202
Office telephone: